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A machine is anything that humans make to make life easier for themselves. It’s a new invention or tool that multiplies the effect of human labor. Some such machines have multiple moving parts. Examples are clocks and bikes. Some simple machines don’t have moving parts at all. These include some toys and other appliances, like baby-sitting devices.

There are two main types of machinery: those that have a mechanical advantage and those that don’t. A machine with a mechanical advantage allows humans to do more things than a machine without this advantage would. A simple example is the push mower. Humans have used this tool over many years, but it is still considered very complicated by many people.

A machine that has no mechanical advantage does what humans can do — cut things. But it is much simpler to just have two people to do the cutting. This is why most farms use a machine to mechanically collect the crops, and why businesses use a single machine to do most of the heavy lifting. A very popular type of machine is the electric wheelchair, because it lets someone with a physical disability to use an electric wheelchair.

A machine that possesses a mechanical advantage has moving parts, and people can increase its complexity. For example, cars have a chain driven by a series of gears and rollers that make the car move. Likewise, airplanes have a piston driven wing struts that allow the airplane to move in flight. Many other machines, like boats, trains and helicopters, also have moving parts.

“A machine that doesn’t move is not a machine.” This definition clearly shows the difference between a human and a machine. In other words, humans can become emotionally attached to machines, and so can machines. It was Charles Schwab, who said, “We are attracted to machines because they seem incomplete without us.”

If you are looking for a definition of a machine, this one will do. If you want to know more about moving parts, read more on that topic. Otherwise, try reading one of my other articles and you will understand better the meaning of a machine. Please consider all this.

Please take a look at this etymology dictionary. It has many definitions for the word machine. As you may notice, it is derived from two words that mean “something mechanical, something made by or from machinery”. These words are machine (grail), and mechanisms (from grommets, lever).

The word screw is from the Latin screw, an instrument having a flat surface, such as a screw or a bolt. Therefore, screws were the original mechanism. Screws can also be used as a synonym for lever. Please see the etymology dictionary for the exact synonyms of each word.

“A machine made by or from machinery.” That’s an accurate definition. In other words, a machine is anything made by or from machinery. And in the etymology dictionary, machinery is a machine made by or from humans or other living things. So, when someone uses the word machine in common usage, it means a human-made object that has the characteristics of a machine.

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